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A new, connected way of bird rehabilitation

Welcome to the
Flock Bird Care Network 

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Call in a Rescue

Found an injured bird?

Don't worry - we're here to help you find the best care for our feathered friends.

We can put you in touch with your closest bird rescue, Zoo, rehabilitator or bird-friendly veterinarian. 


 In the air, on the ground and now on the web

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Join the discussion and share in the giggles at New Zealand's Bird Nerds Facebook Group or find

case support from fellow rehabilitators and vets

at Rehab Colab  

Get involved
and help save
Aotearoa's taonga

Find your flock;  volunteer or list
a position

Whether you’re looking for a career change, to meet new people or to put a few hours a week towards a good cause, we can help connect you to the right people and places.

New Zealand Bird Rescuers
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resources for
and students

Life long ornithologist or curious backyard observer, there's always more to learn when it comes to birds. It's knowing where to start that can be the challenge so we've put all the e-books, online courses, resources and guides together in one easily accessible place. 

Help save lives by becoming a 
bird taxi

Finding transport for injured birds to and from the appropriate facilities can be a struggle for rehabilitators. Coordinating small teams of people across different platforms takes time and resources away from the level of in-person care they could provide. Sign up to our fleet and help our birds get the critical treatment they need.

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Sign up and become a Flock Bird Care Network volunteer to access free eBooks, rehabilitators guides, species quick reference sheets and more...

Sign up and become a Flock Bird Care Network volunteer

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