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Meet Nyssa

Experienced rehabilitator ● Passionate educator

Allow us to introduce Nyssa, a remarkable individual with a wealth of experience in wildlife rehabilitation and the management of rehabilitation facilities. With a profound dedication to the well-being of animals, Nyssa's commitment shines through her role as a dedicated rescuer. Her selfless efforts extend to volunteering her time, providing shelter and care to unwell and injured birds, and expertly nursing them back to health for their eventual release into the wild.

Nyssa's journey into the world of avian care began when she moved to New Zealand. Driven by an innate passion for learning and caregiving, she embarked on her mission to make a difference. Without any formal experience but armed with a relentless passion, Nyssa took the initiative and started volunteering at her local bird rescue. This commitment to lifelong learning led her to adopt the mindset of a perpetual student, constantly seeking new knowledge and insights.

Contact Nyssa by calling 04 323 0424 ext. 128

Meet Rachael

rescue coordinator ● Birder ● PROJECT MANAGER

Introducing Rachael, a dedicated advocate for wildlife conservation.

With a rich background in ecology and biodiversity, her journey began when she moved to Te-Whanganui-a-Tara, igniting her passion for bird life.

Her appreciation for conservation biology led her to study the intricate web of life, and her experience includes effectively triaging wildlife emergencies and establishing structured processes to address critical situations. 

Rachael's tireless commitment to the protection of our natural world reflects her unwavering belief in the harmony between humans and nature.

Contact Rachael by calling 04 323 0424 ext. 127


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